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Chapter 1 - Shedding light on the problem

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Chapter 2 - What the heck is REAL beauty?

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Chapter 3 - Low Vibes

Coming soon...

Chapter 4 - put on your mud boots

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Chapter 5 - A package that matches the contents

Before you go shopping, or if you are struggling to find which type of clothing fits you, I want to invite you to take this FREE Energy Profile Assessment.  This assessment will give you an idea of how you were made and how to match colors, fabrics, textures, shapes, textiles, etc to your energy!  If you want to dive deeper and take the actual course (which is one of my favorites), there is a discount code offered through this link.  Cheers to the most beYOUtiful YOU!

Chapter 6 - Monkey bars vs. selfie sticks

Coming soon...

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Chapter 7 - sticks and stones

Coming soon...

Chapter 8 - gifts and talents

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Chapter 9 - bring on the arrows

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Chapter 10 - why yes, i'll have another bottle of wine

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Chapter 11 - a magic wand life

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