New's right around the corner. With the hustle and bustle of the season, most people (including me), are craving LESS.

LESS to do. LESS to buy. LESS in our schedules. LESS stress. LESS weight.

In the pursuit of LESS, we also "gear up" for New Years Resolutions Season but we find that all that the goals, fitness challenges, workouts, meal-prep, grocery shopping, cardio, etc etc etc etc etc etc... all ADD MORE.

MORE to do. MORE to buy. MORE in our schedules. MORE stress. MORE weight (especially on our shoulders).

What happened to LESS? No wonder so many people fail at attaining their goals after a few weeks.  (Insert #Simplify17).  SIMPLIFY 17 is a collaboration between those of us that want LESS. Moms, business women, leaders, nutrition specialists, trainers, men, bloggers, and entrepreneurs.  We believe in living a healthy LIFESTYLE, each and every day, not just for 30 days or 60 days or through February when the excitement of New Years Resolutions runs out. We believe in doing things that can be SUSTAINED throughout someone's daily practice.

Simplify 17 is just that...a daily practice that can be SUSTAINED for the rest of our lives, all starting with the foundation of our day...right when we wake up.  When we start the day out right, everything else falls into place. We call this the "power hour." We break up the hour into 3 segments...a 20 minute workout (a walk, or a jog or push ups or squats or whatever you want to do to be active for 20 minutes), 20 minutes of personal development (because now that your blood is flowing, your brain absorbs the most right after activity), and 20 minutes of prayer/meditation/journaling (because spending time in silence is necessary in this loud world). We finish with your superfood smoothie, herbs & vitamins to replenish your body and give it vital nutrients it needs for proper function and overall health, and you're out the door to get on with your day.  That's it. Sustainable. Simple. Not more. Less.

If you would like to join our #Simplify17, please get back to the person that sent you to this page. We would love to share more with you and have you Simplify 2017 with us so you can spend time with the people and doing the things that matter most.