12-Days of Healthy Cheer!

No, I'm not Oprah and no, I'm not giving away trips or cars...

Buuuuuut!  In the spirit of the  season, I would love to do my own 12 days of giveaways...

This isn't your same 'ole favorite things giveaway but something that is near and dear to my heart and something that I am committed and focused on. 


Over the next 12 days, beginning on December 1st, I will share one of my favorite health products, tools, or materials with you and the reasons why I love it. I believe that OVERALL HEALTH encompasses not just physical, but also mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, intellectual, relational and environmental health so there will be LOTS of fun items that I will be sharing!  

 At the end of 12 days you will have the chance to WIN all 12 things that I showcased!


Comment and/or share the postand/or tag a friend who you'd like to win

Comment why you need this item on the post

You can do this on one or all of them, and your name will be entered to win ALL 12 Items in a random drawing for each time you participate!!  The more comments/likes/shares/tags on the health items means the more chances you have to win!  I will be going LIVE on Facebook on Day 13 to announce the winner!! 

 12 Days Of Healthy Cheer  is going to be magical!   I can't think of a better way to help you start your new year than with new health goodies for you to use!  I Can't wait to share my favorite things with you all! 


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