This page contains some of my favorite resources, books, courses, and more! I only recommend things that I like and believe in. You can be sure that I have used or am currently using all of these resources, and I have no doubt they will provide you with as much value, empowerment, education, knowledge, ease, automation and resources that I have received to take my business, beauty and brand to the next level.

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Click Funnels is one of my FAVORITE resources that EVERY entrepreneur needs.  I spent YEARS trying to piece together websites, email auto responders, lead pages, sales funnels, online courses and membership areas and it was always a mess. It was overwhelming and frustrating. Until I found Click Funnels! Click Funnels brings together EVERYTHING in a user friendly, easy and affordable platform to design, create, sell and serve all in one place. I use it for my personal courses, lead pages, email responders, and membership areas. Get it TODAY!

Get a FREE 14 Day Trial HERE

Expert Secrets book

This book is GOLD when it comes to establishing your brand as the expert (no matter how unqualified you may feel or think).  It gives proven strategies on how to take what you know and give it to the world by creating a movement and momentum.  This is a book I continually refer back to on a regular basis.

dotcome secrets

The underground playbook to growing your business online.  A step by step guide that shows you how to develop a story, reach your audience, how to script a webinar or sales page, how to create a sales ladder that leads people through multiple product offers, and more! I refer back to this book a LOT! It's a MUST have if you are building an online business!

Virtual Freedom by hiring a Virtual Assistant

As business owners, we need to learn to take off the "super hero" cape and delegate tasks to others. I have owned businesses where I was "all things to all people.."  The owner, the book keeper, the marketer, the web designer, the graphic designer, the networker, the trainer, the coach, the name it, I did it.  And it was exhausting. Throughout my journey, I have learned to get rid of the tasks that I dread and give them to someone that is WAY better at it than I am. {enter virtual assistant and outsourcing} The book, Virtual Freedom, gives you a step by step guide on which tasks to delegate, how to properly hire and train a virtual assistant, and why utilizing highly trained and qualified professionals in the Philippines works great for you as a business owner and for them as a developing country, where a great hourly wage is around $3-$8/hour.

When you are ready to begin your search for a virtual assistant, these are the sources I trust most and where I hire my virtual staff from.


Canva - photo and document design

Gone are the days where you need to pay a graphic designer to create logos, flyers, posts, social media banners, book covers, presentations, speaker sheets, and more.  This simple app and website allow those of us who aren't graphic designers to make beautiful creations, to sync them between our phone and computer, and it's FREE! I create a LOT of my own graphics, blog photos, social media images and speaker sheets with this handy little app. - outsourcing individual projects

If a part time or full time virtual assistant isn't for you and there is some tech stuff you don't know how to do or simply don't want to do, Fiverr is a GREAT way to find qualified people who can create something for you. Most are from other countries, where the living wage is different than in the U.S. so you can have a video edited or logo made or website built starting at just $5 (hence the name).  I use this for some of my projects and have been very happy with the work I received!



Social Media Management Tools

Social Media can make or break a business. social Media isn't going anywhere, so we may as well get used to mastering it in a way that is manageable, NOT time-consuming, and keeps our social media presence consistent.  Whether you are blogging, utilizing different social media pages/profiles, videos, etc...having consistent content across multiple platforms is important. Especially when content can be utilized in multiple ways (i.e. make a video from a blog post, have the blog post put into a book, transcribe the video into an article, utilize the audio from a video for a podcast, etc...).  My two favorite social media management tools not just schedule posts (like Buffer, which I used to use and changed over), but can repost, it keeps track of your posting calendar, provides valuable insights and statistics, and you can manage multiple profiles and accounts.  Check them out today and begin to have your social media work for you.


Online Storage for documents, files, videos, photos & more

With businesses requiring more digital space than ever before, and with businesses being mobile and collaborative, finding a place to store your branded content and being able to access it from your phone and your laptop and having your assistant being able to access information as well is important.  I used to try and store everything on my computer, but found that storing all of those files and videos and photos made my computer run slow, plus I couldn't access the files from any other place.  I finally got Dropbox and enjoy accessibility to all of my content from anywhere. It's worth it for sure!

online file storage dropbox

Client Scheduling

Scheduling appointments - whether it is calls, meetings, etc., it is important to be efficient and "teach your clients" how to schedule a time with you.  I enjoy using Acuity Scheduling, because I can create set hours for specific kind of appointments, send the scheduling link to my clients, and allow them to choose what works for more "back and forth-your calendar-my calendar game-playing." This great app/website syncs with google calendar, it send reminder emails/texts (so that you don't have no-shows), and is very user friendly. I highly recommend using Acuity Scheduling!



Put your best face foward - make up tutorials

Learn how to put your best face forward with these make up tutorials.  Make up is a great tool that can improve your natural beauty - when it's used in the right way.  I created these tutorials to show women how to contour correctly, how to shade their brows and use eye shadow brushing techniques to make their eyes stand out.  How to apply shading to lips and how to make the lip color last, as well as how and when to use different types of lashes! Whether you use these techniques for every day make up wear, or if you are in front of people, in a photo shoot, on stage, going to work, or will be in front of people, get access to these make up tutorials TODAY!

dressing for your personality

One of my favorite things is to show others how they can show up in the world as their best selves.  Fashion included.  Check out this video about one of my favorite fashion courses and how to get access to the FREE Energy Profile Assessment so that you can begin to Dress Your Truth.


Branding Secrets - eBook

This is a great ebook that shares how to successfully market your brand online, using content marketing and social media. You'll Find Out The Tips, Techniques And Exact Steps To Build Your Brand And Develop a Social Media Strategy.


Stay tuned for my follow up course!

Branding Secrets Online Course

Stay tuned for my upcoming course all about branding!


nutrition & fitness resources

Superfood Shake

Life is busy and let's face it, our groceries are lacking in nutrition.  I enjoy this tasty meal-replacement shake every morning to help give me energy, keep me fuel, give my body the nutrients that it needs, and help me stay lean and energized.  Studies show that people who utilize a meal replacement every day maintain a healthier weight, more lean body mass, and have better energy. It's delicious, it's good for you, and it's convenient - just what every busy person changing the world needs.

natural energy booster

For those days when we need an extra boost, or for those workouts we want more energy for...I LOVE the natural E+ energy boosters.  No jitters, no crash, just a smooth focused energy that lasts all day.

recommended books to read for personal growth