The Classroom

It is my mission to empower you to know, grow and own your beyouty - inside and out.

Below are some of courses that empower you to do just that. 

Join the revolution.


Putting Your Best Face Forward -

Make Up Tutorials

I have created make-up tutorials that teach you how to create depth in your face through contouring, how to use the right colors, eye shadow, ways to make your eyes pop, how to shade your brows, how to have kissable lips that last, which brushes to use when, and a tutorial all about lashes. Whether you are in front of people, you are live-streaming, doing a photo shoot, or even just in every day life, these tutorials will guide you to put your best face forward.

Dress According to your energy type

Dressing to match your energy type or your personality matters.  Too many people waste time and money shopping and buying clothes that don't match who they are on the inside.  Take this FREE energy profile assessment and take the course to learn which energy type you are, as well as how to use the right clothing, cuts, colors, textiles and shapes to match who you are on the inside.


14 Days to Unshakable Confidence Challenge

 Learn how to detach from the limiting beliefs that hold you back, silence the inner critic, and build a foundation of unshakable confidence with my 14 day challenge!