On the Fifth Day of Holiday-Cheer...

On the Fifth Day of Holiday-Cheer Charity gave to me...

Something perfect for those of us that are getting old(er)! When I was a "young buck," I used to think that "old(er) people" were either faking it or just plain wimpy when they talked about their joints hurting or their back hurting.  Well, now that I am one of those "old(er) people," I realize that #thestruggleisreal (using hashtags keeps me young... #keepthehashtagscoming #idontwanttogrowup #imatoysruskid #nowthisisjustgettingstupid #enoughwiththehashtags #okillstop #omg #icantstop #someonehelpme 


Back to #thestrugglebeingreal, my joints hurt sometimes! I may only be 33 years old, but there are days where my back and knees hurt, despite the regular self-care I do on my body. And you know what? I am finally ok with the fact that it will happen sometimes because our bodies are not perfect and they can hurt sometimes.

So on the days where my back or my knees hurt, what do I do? Well first and foremost, I pray, then I foam roll (if you don't know what foam rolling is, google it. It's awesome. Maybe I'll do a blog about that too one day)... and then I use my favorite topical joint cream.  It has some great things in it like MSM, glucosamine, chondroiti and arnica in it, which then absorb through the skin and help the joints! It is seriously a life-saver on those days when I forget to #hashtag so I stay young and relevant (ha)! ;) 

Cheers to Day One of my fifth day of #12DaysofHealthyCheer! Remember that you can be entered into the drawing for a chance to WIN ALL of the 12 items by commenting, sharing, tagging, liking, reposting, on FB and Instagram, and just plain Sharing the Love with your social network!

I'll be going LIVE on FB on Day 13 to announce the winner...the more you participate, the more chances you have to win! 

Come hang out with me on Social and join the fun... And in case you can't wait to see if you are the winner and you just gotta have the joint cream now NOW, check out the link below to order!


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