On the Ninth Day of Holiday Cheer...

On the Ninth Day of Holiday Cheer Charity gave to me...


Truth be told, I'm not really a coffee drinker.  Most of the time, I think it tastes like dirt.  And to be honest, most coffee actually turns our bodies acidic because of the high fungus and bacteria count. If you think about it, coffee beans grow in tropical environments. The beans are then harvested and stored.  Wellll, what happens when you store something in a hot and humid environment?

#mold #bacteria #fungus #ohMY!

And the cheap coffee...you know the kind...they don't pay to have the fungus removed #gross and they just grind it up with the beans.  

If you are a coffee drinker and notice that you have a lot of blemishes, guess what? #heresyoursign.

But there's hope for all of you coffee nuts...  

There is this ONE kind of coffee that I actually like, for more than just the reason that it doesn't taste like dirt.  It is non-acidic, it is mixed with coconut oil, green tea and infused with trace minerals (aka-the spark plugs of life) and the company actually spends a lot of money to clean, filter and test the beans and grounds to make sure they are free of bacteria, mold and fungus!!!! #winning

What is this magic I speak of? Well, here's a little info video as well as some info in the link below (because knowledge is power and you will never look at coffee the same after this).  And remember that the more you share this post or interact with me on my social media hangouts, the more chances you have to WIN all 12 items I am sharing!! #Cheers 

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