7 Habits of Happy Kids - Book Review

If you saw THIS POST of mine, you already know how weird I think nursery rhymes are...I mean, what the heck? When my son was born, I knew I wanted to read to him (I mean, let's face it... I'm a total book nerd so I'm hoping that wears off on him...plus it's a great way to share life-lessons with kiddos.  After reading some nursery rhymes and common books, I started to ask myself, "what are we teaching our kids?"  What are we subconsciously programming into them at this age, where, 80% of the foundation of their beliefs and how they see the world are formed by the time they are 5?

Humpty Dumpty can't be put back together again so he is forced to "be broken" forever?  

Ring-around-the-rosie is just plain creepy..."ashes ashes we all fall down..." ???  

It's ok to walk into a stranger's house, eat their food, sleep in their bed, and when they come home to jump out of a 2nd story window like in the 3-bears?

No thanks.  I want to teach Judah the opposite of those things, so I went on the hunt for books that shared messages and stories that will empower him to live an amazing and empowered life, not a mediocre life where, when he gets hurt, that he thinks he can never be fix again and will always be broken.

One of the books I found that I am LOVING is the 7-Habits of Happy Kids by Sean Covey.  It has cute little characters that each share a different story with life lessons and habits that kids (and adults) can work on.

They are principles such as responsibility, goal setting, respect, teamwork and balance, how to take control of your life and not be a victim, how to be a good listener and have empathy for others...

These are the characteristics and qualities and habits I want Judah to learn about, plus, it is a good reminder for me (and my husband), even as adults!

We would highly suggest getting this book so that, as future generations begin to have the foundation of their lives taught to them, that it can be a foundation of love, service to others, empowerment, and all sorts of good stuff like that! And in case you, as an adult,  need a reminder for yourself and some habits, here is the book for adults too ;) 

Charity Majors