4 Questions to ask yourself about Your Brand


Your brand represents a unique promise that you make to every one of your customers and potential customers. It is the consistency of this promise and the overall quality of the delivery of that promise that will encourage your customers to be loyal to your brand. Having loyal customers is a sure fire way to have your brand and business be successful. In order for your promise to be effective, it must be distinct and clearly distinguishable from the other promises your potential customers will encounter from other businesses and brands. 

Here are the 4 questions you should ask yourself about your brand and promise:

1. What kind of promise is your brand making?

2. Who is your brand making this promise to?

3. Why is your brand's promise different from every one else's?

4. Why should anyone believe your promise?

Answering these questions will allow you to be clear and focused on your promise, your brand, your customer, their needs, and the belief that you instill within them to stick with you.

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Charity Majors