An easier way to manage Social Media


Social Media can make or break a business.  But how do we keep up with the posting and the ever-changing algorithms? How do we reach our target market and how do we learn how the heck to use ALL of them??

Social Media isn't going anywhere, so we may as well get used to mastering it in a way that is manageable, NOT time-consuming, and keeps our social media presence consistent. But it can all be so overwhelming to say the least.  The great thing about being as savvy as you are, is that you know there are tools out there and available to make your life easier.  

Enter Agora Pulse.

I used to get overwhelmed and find my face buried in my phone at all times, just to try and keep up with when to post on what platform. Being the "Strategic" and "Maximizer" that I am (see Strengths Finders if you don't know what I mean - it's a strength that I have that allows me to take something from good to GREAT, and I can see the best way to get there)...

In my experience, what I've found is that whether you are blogging, utilizing different social media pages/profiles, videos, etc...having consistent content across multiple platforms is important. Especially when content can be utilized in multiple ways (i.e. make a video from a blog post, have the blog post put into a book, transcribe the video into an article, utilize the audio from a video for a podcast, etc...).  My two favorite social media management tools not just schedule posts (like Buffer, which I used to use and changed over), but can repost the same evergreen content, it keeps track of your posting calendar, provides valuable insights and statistics, and you can manage multiple profiles and accounts.  Check it out today and begin to have your social media work for you.

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