The Little Thoughts That Keep Us Safe...

The little thoughts that keep us safe.jpg

Let's face it...when it comes to growing, doing something new, or expanding our comfort zones, growing our business, working out, building a brand, creating an online course, writing a book (etc, etc...) it isn't always the "big crazy fearful thoughts" that keep us from moving forward.

It's the little ones.

It's the seemingly insignificant thoughts that pass through our mind, that keep us right where we are at.  Not creating content.  Not writing our book.  Not inspiring someone else.  Not putting work out into the world that can serve someone else.

It's the desire to immediately jump on a Facebook Live to share some divine inspiration or a thought or a lesson you have learned, and the little thought runs through our brain and, harmlessly, says "but you haven't showered yet and your hair is messy" or "it's not a good time to post on social media right now.  So we wait until we are having a good hair day or wait until 8pm when it is the "recommended time to post for optimal engagement."  And we listen to that little harmless thought, we don't share what's on our heart, we don't do the Facebook Live and the inspiration leaves.

It's the desire to go to the gym and workout when the little thought stops us in our tracks and says "but you'll get sweaty and have to shower again today, and that takes a lot of time and effort."  So we stay in our "regular clothes" and go shopping instead.

It's the nudge to write a blog post or another chapter in your future book, and the innocent thought of "the computer is almost out of battery" or "you should really wash the dishes instead" pops into our head and instead of writing, we do the busy work.

It's the time we set aside to pray, read and meditate and then a thought drops in about "quickly checking how many comments your last awesome post got" and we get sucked into the social media web, only to find ourselves, 30 minutes later, on some random person's profile looking at their cat, and now the time we set aside to read, pray and meditate, is up.

Like i said, it isn't always the big, crazy, shameful fears that hold us back.  Our ego doesn't usually jump into the middle of something and start shaming us and telling us we are failures and that we suck and that we should just crawl in a hole and never come out.

Our ego, ever so innocently, can plant a little thought that keeps us from doing what we know we should be doing.  I write about this because all of these examples, are literally, things that I have let hold me back. 


I encourage you to start to pay attention - I mean really pay attention - to even the little thoughts that could be stopping you from doing what you intuitively know is what you should do.  It takes awareness, at first, and then it takes moving beyond the little thought and doing "it" anyways.

The world needs you, your message, and your light.  Your story matters.  The divine inspiration you receive, the lessons you have learned, the resources you know, are meant to share with others (messy hair and all), so they too can begin to show up bigger and brighter.

Don't let the innocent little thoughts be what keep you safe and playing small.  You are meant for more.  You are meant to expand and grow into the unknown part of your purpose that may seem a little scary at times.

Don't play it safe.  Adventure, beyond your wildest dreams, awaits you...


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