When someone else "steals" your dream...

When someone else _steals_ your dream....jpg

Have you ever had that happen?  You get a "divinely inspired idea," - maybe a revelation you received, an idea that came into your head, a business, a brand, an event, a movement, a message you felt like you were the one to share, a dream that you felt like you were the one to bring it forth - and you shared it with someone else, only to see them turn around, take it and bring it to life?


It hurts.  It feels like betrayal.  It seems like something sacred, that was given to you, was taken from you.

Or at least that's how I have felt when this has happened to me.

But here's the thing to understand about divine downloads...maybe they aren't yours to keep. Maybe you were only meant to play the part that you did in the birth process of this idea.

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, and if this has happened to you, think on this...  Maybe you were simply the vessel, that was open to receive this idea.  You were the one that was supposed to take this dream, bring it down from "inspiration heaven," bring it out into the world, and pass this dream on to someone else.

Maybe it was never yours to hold onto.  Maybe it was never yours to act on.  Maybe it was never yours to see it through to the end.

Maybe your part was to simply bring this vision down to earth and lovingly let go of it.  And guess what, if the idea is still impacting someone else's life for the good, then that's a good thing and we have played our part in the bigger plan.

You have played your part.  I have played my part. Let go, send love, be grateful for your obedience in playing your part (however big or small) and believe that there is plenty more in store...

And here's one more secret...it was never ours in the first place.



Charity Majors