11 - How to find Your Flow, Tap into your Intuition and Follow your Passion with Celebrity Trainer, Kiya Knight

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This episode is one of my favs!  Probably because I’m totally geeking out with one of my soul-sisters, Kiya Knight, but I have no doubt you are going to LOVE this episode too!


Kiya and I talk all about going from living in her car and making the “harder decision” (aka-the one that opened the door to her purpose).  How she learned to tap into her intuition, the power of “activating, alignment and the evolution.”


You will learn all about the science behind energy and the power that movement and music can have on raising your vibrations and create emotional, mental, spiritual and physical breakthrough in your life.


Kiya also has a GIFT for you at the end of the podcast, so be sure to listen in!


In this Episode We Talk About:

-The ability to say no and the power and clarity it brings to your life

-How to be inspired to follow your dream, to show up and play big

-How to put out your “not-perfect work” and keep failing to get your work out into the world - even if it sucks, even if 2 people show up...learn along the way.

-How outsourcing can help you stay in your zone of genius.

-How to find your “magic.”

-The power in asking for help.

-The power of trusting others around you.

-How life is like “surfing” and how to ride the wave.

-The sweet spot of Surrender within your life and business.

-What we can learn from the energy of nature.

-How to muster up the strength to find your flow, get into momentum, and find your flow.

-How to facilitate the “shift” within your life and business.

-How the human connection can facilitate massive growth.


Guest Bio:  Kiya Knight is a sport scientist and certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and strength and conditioning specialist and the founder of Weightless Escape adventure retreats and AIR Bar, a unique, cutting edge fitness experience combining martial arts, tribal dance and deep core conditioning.

Kiya was named “ one of the USA’s up and coming personal trainers” by Shape Up Magazine and her clients call her “ a leader, innovator and fitness guru.”

For the past 18 years Kiya has been traveling the world studying movement in different cultures and teaming with leading bootcamps and traveling fitness spas to create epic adventure fitness experiences in paradise destinations.

Kiya is a fitness cover model and writer who has contributed to top blogs like Well and Good, The Houston Effect and Live the Process



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