22 - How to Use Comedy & Improv To Improve Your Communication, Life and Business with Megan Bryant

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You will have a blast with this episode! Come laugh with me and comedian, Megan Bryant, and learn how to live a life of “yes, AND!”

In this Episode We Talk About:  how comedy, laughter and improv can improve your communication skills, relationship skills and be translated into the business world to connect more with customers and have better work relationships.

Megan also shares here story about adoption, and how she was able to take a hard situation and turn it around for the better.

Guest Bio: Megan Bryant is a Variety Comedian & Actor, the Author of Not My Plan, an Improv Trainer, and a generally good human being.

Megan is a Variety Comedian and a Truth Activist. Her one-woman show features stand-up, improv, humorous poetry, parody songs, and more! She has a unique collection of skills that showcase her love of performance and creativity while maintaining a highly professional demeanor for club and corporate work. Her favorite color is orange, and she loves frozen Reese’s.

Megan has a very busy world, from comedy shows and corporate improv training, to speaking about the raw and real stories that have shaped her into the woman she is today. She is the Creator/Director of Idaho Laugh Fest, and has given birth to a lot of babies. She loves to talk into microphones and plans on doing that for the rest of her life.

She’s a Boise Idaho native and the mother of four young future contributors to society. She has a special collection of skills that showcase her love of performance and creativity while opening up dialogue around raw and real life topics.


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