24 - How to find your Inner Genius with Nique Callantine

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You are going to LOVE this episode (hopefully as much as I did)!  It is all about finding your “inner genius,” how to tap into the divine design of how you were made, and how to make the decision to own your purpose.

Questions asked in this Episode:

-How do you know when to decide to go against the status quo?

-How do you find your inner genius?

-How do you know if you are listening to your inner genius?

Key Points in this Episode:

-7 characteristics of the TRIM Person (The Real Ideal Me)

-How to own your inner genius

-How to take pride in your divine design

-Your past does not define you

Guest Bio: Nique Calentine is a personal growth coach and loves to combine the moments in nature to connect with the soul.  She finds the opportunity to use adventure to push beyond the limits of the mind and break into the best versions of ourselves.  When she’s not at two Ponds Retreat, you’ll probably find Nique facilitating a Mastermind group, coaching someone to their most capable genius in their business or weight loss journey.  Nique speaks in personal and business growth topics and is currently writing her first book.


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