03 - What it takes to get motivated, with Mister Motivation, Aaron Hairston

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This podcast episode is all about motivation! Motivate your mind, your business, your health and your life. I love the energy of this episode. Aaron Hairston, aka “Mister Motivation” is high energy, high impact, and will definitely get you motivated in every area of your life.  We talk all things mindset, how to motivate your mindset and how that relates into the actions you take, every single day.


Guest Bio:  Aaron Hairston focuses on helping others achieve greatness among their health and life goals. He is an award winning fitness and nutrition coach, bodybuilding competitor, and the motivational personality, “Mista Motivation.” He believes that everyone is a leader and can truly harness their blessings to live a wonderful life. Proper nutrition, coaching and spiritual well being are all intricate pieces of the puzzle. He uses his God given talents and gifts to assist others and encourage all to do the same.



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