On the Eleventh Day of Healthy Cheer...

On the Eleventh Day of Healthy Cheer, Charity gave to me...

A place where you can unplug, leave the world behind, have a moment to yourself, quiet your mind, and nourish your body.

And no, it's not heaven. #itsclose

A yoga mat. Yes. It does all of these things! Well...kind of...

Well actually, it doesn't.  But to me, my mat is a sacred place where all of the above things happen.  It is my "woooo-saaaahhhh" place where nothing else matters except for that moment and my breath.  It is a place that when I step onto my mat, everything else fades away and I am grounded. I am present. I am joy. I am love. I am peace.

It seems funny that a mat can do all of these things and technically it can't.  But it can create an "anchor" that your body connects all of the things you practice while doing yoga to the yoga mat so that when you step onto it, your brain connects those feelings of peace, joy, being present and nourished with the mat. The brain is a powerful thing and are you.

If you would like some workouts, ideas or other resources when it comes to the fitness world, be sure to check out the "Body" tab on my site.

In case you need all of the above feelings and things in your life and can't wait for the drawing to see if you win or not, here is the link to get a mat. Until then, hang out with me on social media and the more you share, like and comment, the more chances you have to win!




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