Living actively is (or at least it should be) a way of life. If our body is not growing in strength and endurance, it is in a state of decay. Sure, it is easier to hit the snooze button on the alarm, to not pack a gym bag, or to get distracted at home with other things besides exercising.

I know...I've been there.

I was 20 pounds overweight. I was in a fog. I had no energy. 

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Until I decided.  It was a decision. A choice I made. A non-negotiable. I had hit my breaking point and I was done with the habits that didn't serve me, that weren't bringing life into my body, and were toxic to my health. I nourished my body back to life (find out more in the nourish tab) with Superfoods, Detoxing, (no, not a "poopie cleanse"), and exercise of all kinds. My body responded. The lights turned on. The fog was lifted. I felt incredible. 

To live active is to live well. It helps with keeping our bodies pain free, lean, strong, flexible, and sexy.

Bad habits can be hard to break, but over time, with the right community, tools and support, you can make living active a non-negotiable in your life too! Check out the resources below and CONTACT ME if you ever have any questions!

And be sure to STAY TUNED for more resources to come! I'm always working on fun new stuff, just for You!

Nourish your body with Nutrition4Reallife:

Moving your body is a piece of the puzzle, but 70-80% of the results we get in our body comes from nutrition. If you want to have better energy, better mental clarity, healthier skin, hair and nails, if you want to keep your lean body mass, keep body fat at bay, and feel confident and nourished, then Nutrition is where it's at...

this FREE Workout is my gift to you

So grab your Nike's, a mat, a water bottle, push play and get ready to move your body!

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Need to spice up your workout routine? Try this total body workout. You will need your body, a mat, and dumbbells. I'll guide you through each exercise, showing you proper form and giving you repetitions and sets throughout. at the end of the workout, there is an overview for you to screenshot and take with you to the gym. If you would like to share these resources, please do so by sharing this website instead of the secret link and private video. The greatest compliment is a referral so allow others to invest in their health, just like you have! Namaste =)

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