The voices in your head...

I find that internal monologue and what we listen to determines so much of our lives. Our brain is meant to keep us safe so when something new comes along, the internal monologue gets louder and louder.

The conversations we hear in our head is an internal warning signal to keep us within the parameters of what we know to be familiar.

It gives us all of the reasons why Not to do "the thing." It gives us all of our past failures of what else hasn't worked. It brings up all of the other phrases we heard throughout our lives that says we aren't good enough, we are going to fail, we aren't worthy, we aren't smart enough, pretty enough, etc...


Those negative conversations can come from multiple places...from parents, siblings, the bully at school, a teacher, a coach, co-workers, a spouse, TV, the radio, etc...

I once had a coach tell me he didn't like my personality so I would never play in a game.  It hurt. A lot. Volleyball was my passion. I had poured my life into the sport.  It was paying for my schooling. My teammates were my family. My world fell apart. It left a scar. I felt like I needed to  change who I was to try and please others. It was exhausting. Being a people pleaser was something I had to work through as an adult and am proud and humbled to say that I am a recovering people pleaser and am comfortable in my own skin, with who God made me, regardless of what other's think (I find that other's are intimidated by my 5'10'' frame, that I was a "beauty queen," was a "collegiate athlete," that I was a "business owner,"  That I post frequently on social media and {gasp} keep it positive, etc...I find that I trigger other people's insecurities within themselves without even knowing it and so, in the past, to prevent that, I used to "dim my light" to not offend them...)...I had to remind myself that God made me the way I am and He loves me, He cherishes me, I am beautiful, I am chosen, I am His, I am a leader, I am meant to bring a message to the world, no matter what other's may say. I am happy to say that I am confident in who (and who's I am), regardless of what other's say (or what they perceive, because let's face it, most of what other people's opinions are are based off of their perception and their own internal monologue, and most of the time it is also an opinion from social media (which isn't the full story of someone's life) so let's just knock that crap off and love each other, give each other the benefit of the doubt, cheer each other on, believe the best about each other, quit thinking you know a person just by their social media, and hope that everyone wins because life is not a competition with anybody but yourself and who you chose to be yesterday...and for goodness sake, turn off the trashy music). 

{there, i said it}.


So yes, it matters what you listen to, what you allow into your subconscious, AND what you say to others...imagine that!

{always speak life and love}

The good news is that all of the internal monologue that may be paralyzing you is just a story. More good can choose to listen to a different story! 

Listen to positive people. Listen to positive affirmations. Read inspirational books and biographies of people who have accomplished great things (if you need book recommendations, feel free to ask me...I'm a total book nerd and have tons of recommendations for things that have helped me grow and change the monologue in my mind). Meditate. Fill your mind with positive thoughts (and choose to listen to them) so that you can begin to tell yourself (and actually believe) a different story.

Listen to the reasons WHY you should do something, and do it afraid anyways. Listen to the story your heart is telling you, of all of the possibilities that Could Be if you took a leap of faith and followed your heart instead of the internal monologue that is dimming your light and burrying your purpose.

Listen to what God says about you...


What If you "did the thing" you were afraid of? What If you said yes? What If it did work? What If you were enough-good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, worthy, called, and have a purpose in this earth beyond just working to pay bills and living for the weekend. What if you believed that you were created to do more than to be buried in dirty laundry and covered in spit up? What If you listened to the story of your heart and not of your head and stopped listening to what others think you should do (at least the ones that hold you back and tear you down because they are afraid that if you succeed, you will leave them behind). Listen to those who challenge you (this post may be may also hurt a little, but it is all said in love because I believe in you)!

What if you stopped playing small? What if you stepped out in faith? What If you succeeded? Who would that impact? How would it change your world? How would you feel fulfilled? How would you come alive? Who could you impact? How big of a difference could you (actually, should you) make?

You can... 

With God, all things are possible.


And if you are open to it, if you want to begin to believe a different story about who God made you to be, Click HERE and download my FREE recording of "Affirmations and Meditations based on the Word of God." 


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