The stuff that no one really talks about...#postpartum

Throughout my pregnancy, I have found there to be numerous books, blogs, articles, magazines, and you name it about pregnancy, birth, the baby's development, and even parenting. But what about that "4th trimester" (as they call it) that no one really talks about?

This blog is to hopefully share some practical resources that were shared with us. Now, I'm not saying I'm an expert and I have yet to go through my postpartum time but we did just finish with a class all about postpartum so it is fresh on my mind! (as I write this, I am about 2 months away from having our baby boy so we are preparing too)!

I am passing on resources that were given to us in hopes that they too can help other mommies who are looking for similar information and practical things to have on hand for after their little one is born!

Now to the good stuff...SUPPLIES! Yes, there are supplies that are needed after birth (not just for the baby, but for mom too)! Again, this probably isn't a complete list so if there are other things that you experienced moms suggest, feel free to comment on the blog so other moms can know what else to add to their list!

WATERPROOF MATTRESS COVER - This helps with any "leaks" throughout the postpartum time (whether it is blood, breast milk, baby spit up, or water because you are so exhausted you fall asleep drinking water in bed...hey, I heard it happens)!

HEAVY PADS - (I prefer organic ones so that chemicals and bleach aren't anywhere near "down there."  There can be bleeding for up to 6-weeks after birth so have a good supply on hand!

WITCH HAZEL - this is used to put onto the maxi-pads and sooth any swelling "down there." I heard you can put witch hazel, and a little bit of water on a pad, put a bunch of them on a cookie sheet, freeze them, and use them for relief from any soreness, swelling, tearing, or hemorrhoids.

BOTTOM SPRAY - This stuff is supposed to help with any soreness, swelling, hemorrhoids, etc.

DRY SHAMPOO - because we all know showering may become a luxury for a little while...

STOOL SOFTENER - Apparently, after pushing a baby out, our body doesn't really want to push anything else out for quite some time. This can cause constipation so taking a stool softener regularly can help move things along without there being a lot of effort.

COCONUT OIL - this was highly recommended to us to use as nipple cream during nursing. It is natural, it is safe for the baby, hydrating for the skin, and other natural mamas swear by it!

BPA FREE GLASS WATER BOTTLES - because apparently breastfeeding makes a mama REALLY thirsty! Keep them handy ladies!

Of course these are some of the practical things...we were also told to have lots of nursing bras, nursing tank tops, breast pads, healthy easy snacks and meals, and even a few pairs of new comfy pajamas that mom can lounge around in but also feel pretty in (because what girl doesn't love something new to wear...even if it's new PJ's)?! 

Hopefully this little blog post helps! Cheers to all of you moms out there! You are beautiful and amazing! <3 

The links provided are affiliate links so if you find this information valuable, feel free to purchase items using my affiliate link! Thanks for your support and for sharing this info with other mamas! We are all in this together! <3 

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