I hope we all win...

I used to find myself constantly comparing where I was at compared to someone else...whether it was their health, their job, their influence, their finances, their family, their you name it, I was comparing it.  I was miserable.

I would get discouraged when I believed that someone was "farther along" in an area than i was.  I had to go through a hard lesson and learned that comparing myself with others only robs me of my joy and guess what...it does the same for you. And guess what else?  Someone will probably always be "further ahead" in some area of their life than you and that's ok. 

I invite you to be conscious of the areas you may be comparing your journey with someone else's and begin to feel gratitude and genuine excitement for that person instead of comparison and jealousy.  

What I have found is that when we begin to celebrate other's in their unique journey, we will begin to enjoy our own unique journey even more.  We cannot compare with each other because we don't know what goes on behind the scenes of someone's life so feel gratitude and genuine excitement for all of our unique individual journey's and that we get to walk along side each other, encouraging each other and cheering each other on, no matter what!  


Charity Majors