I hate what's in my closet...

A beauty secret - revealed - and how it can up-level your confidence, business and relationships...

The beauty industry is booming with new products that promise to make you even more beautiful, to have softer skin, shinier hair, a better body, and more.

But how do we sort through all of the information that is coming at us to know which one is right for us?

Maybe you, like me, have seen a super cute outfit on Pinterest or on a girlfriend, you go and buy the same thing, put it on and don't quite feel how you thought you would.

Maybe you, like me, like to go shopping and get the newest trends, but get frustrated with picking things out, trying them on, only to find that none of them worked for you or you have a closet full of clothes that looked cute on the hanger or on someone else but not on you.

Maybe you, like me, have gone to your hair dresser, brought a in picture of a celebrity with great hair, got your hair done the same way, only to leave feeling less beautiful and definitely not like a movie star.

How do you think this lower self-confidence affects the way we show up in the world? I know, from personal experience, a whole lot.

Guess what...there's a reason...

It's the best kept beauty secret that these women, along with myself, and thousands of other women have experienced...

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 7.40.41 AM.png

The best kept beauty secret is something you already have and it's something you might not even know about.

It's what makes you feel like a million bucks when you have on your favorite outfit.  It's that feeling you get when your hair and make-up are on point, you walk out your front door and you are unstoppable.

It's being TRUE to YOU, who you authentically are, and owning it...regardless of what anyone else says, posts, comments or suggests.

It's what it means to have the "outside match the inside."


Did you know that there are ways to not dress your truth? You could be wearing the wrong colors or the wrong fabrics, the wrong shapes in jewelry and getting the wrong haircut. Any of these things gives off a different message than the one your authentic self should be portraying.  But how to we know which fabrics, colors, shapes, and cuts match us? The Dress Your Truth Online Course gives you a FREE Energy Profile Assessment so that you can know your "type," and start to use theses different elements to display your authentic beauty.

Type? What does that mean? With the FREE Online assessment, you are guided through videos that allow you to know your type, based on qualities, features, characteristics, and personality traits.  All of these relate back to Nature and your true Type.

Knowing and understanding "your type" is empowering and gives you permission to be YOU, without fear of judgement from others. It gives clarity to who you are and how to express it...

This was my personal experience:

"I wasn't bad with my fashion, by any means, but I couldn't figure out why some of the cutest things in my closet didn't make me feel that cute. I also compared the way I dressed with other women who I thought their clothes were fashionable.  I couldn't figure out why I felt confident in some clothes and not in others...Until I took the Dress Your Truth Online Course.

I realized that those cute outfits were cute, but just not who I authentically was or the message I was trying to get across...kind of like the "outside package didn't match the inside..."  Now, I am confident in the way I look, I go shopping with more ease and joy, and I don't compare myself with other women. I know I am being true to myself and there is nothing more powerful and beautiful than a women who is truly herself. Taking this course has given me a new level of confidence, which has positively impacted my marriage, my business, and my life."  -Charity Majors (Type 1 - Dressing Your Truth).

As you can see, this online course is a game-changer.  Whether you want to dial-up your business, your image, your social media, your confidence, or even just your understanding of who you are, then this course is for you!

Interested in taking the FREE Energy Profile Assessment?


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Cheers to you being authentically BeYOUtiful, and having the outside match the inside <3

-All my love,


Charity Majors