Like a Palm Tree

Sitting here at the pool, in the Florida Keys, surrounded by palm trees, I couldn't help but remember the verse in Psalms 92 that talks about these beautiful trees. 

The Bible says that the richous will flourish like a palm tree. 

But what the heck does that mean? Especially when it doesn't feel like there is much "flourishing" in my life? 

What if life feels more like things are being strangled or restricted or dying off? What if it feels like I'm in the middle of the storm? 

What then?  

Enter facts about the Palm Tree:  


Palm Tree leaves must actually die off for the tree to grow taller so when you feel like something in your life is withering away or being pruned, it may be because God is causing you to rise higher.

Palm trees are the only tree that will break a rope that is tied around it, while every other tree will envelope and allow the rope to grow into the tree. So if you feel restricted or like your hands are tied, know that the strength inside of you is meant to break the chains that bind.

The Palm bends but doesn't break when the storm winds blow. The trunk of the palm is strong yet flexible and is rooted deeply to provide a level of depth that is unmatched. When hurricane winds and drenching storms stir, the palm tree bends but doesn't break. It's roots grow deep into the ground to provide a strong anchor into the rocks below. If you feel like a storm is drencjinf your life and the winds are bearing you down, be flexible and rooted so that you can stand tall, unwaivering and grounded.

I don't know what's going on in your life, but I have found, that when the storms rage, when I feel restricted or when something in my life is dying off (it could be a habit that I need to let go of, a relationship that isn't life-giving, or a thought that is toxic), I find strength in knowing that I, like you, am meant to flourish like a Palm Tree...

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