Called higher

Today was a BIG day...

It was a day that a dream I've had, ever since I was a little girl, came true.  Today, I held, in my hand, the physical book that allowed me to become a published author. This book is a special one because I am not the only contributor.  It is a collaborative book of about a dozen other women, and Women Ignite International, who have shared their stories of breaking barriers and igniting hope.  I really believe it is powerful when women stop competing and comparing and start collaborating and contributing. It's scary good...

Another scary part is that I know, deep down, that this is only the beginning.  It's scary to even type that last sentence. I know it's just the beginning because God is unveiling more and more, with each scared step of faith I take.

I can't help but wonder what other women out there, just like me, know-in-their-knower that what's just around the corner is BIG...bigger than me, bigger than you, bigger than what we think we know.  Maybe you, like me, get scared of what's really ahead because I tend to think, "who am I to dream like this or have this or want this or go for that?"  

I have to remind myself (and if you need the reminder as well), who are you not to? 

Who are you not to step each scary step of faith into the God dreams that lie ahead? Who are you not to settle? Who are you not to go deeper? All I know is that God is calling His women deeper and farther and something BIG is just around the bend.

Have a listen to this song and I challenge you (and me) to keep going deeper and higher. Because if God is for us, who can be against us?

Sure, it's easy to stay where we are at and stay safe vs. going into the deep unknown with God. Sure, we could hold onto who we were vs. peeling back the masks and doing the digging and allowing God to transform us into the woman  He has authentically made us to be.

He is calling us higher. He is calling us deeper. Let go and let Him lead...

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