Finding Flow in Business & Life by Syncing Your Calendar To Menstrual and Lunar Cycles

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Let's face can be hard to "find your flow" in a society that is Monday-Friday, deadlines, and networking meetings on "the first Tuesday of every month."

What if I told you there are optimal times that our brain chemistry and hormone balance is better suited for certain things during different parts of our menstrual cycles?

There are optimum days, within a woman's cycle, for being detail oriented, to ask for a raise, to do high intensity workout, and for being a social butterfly.

There are optimum days to be more introspective, to journal, to do yoga, and to focus on self care.

There are optimum days to eat more carbs, or to focus on specific nutrients. 

There are optimum days to create the project, write the blog, launch the course, or plan the event!

Imagine with me, for a moment, how understanding the optimum time, within your monthly cycle, that will allow you to plan out your calendar in a way that you FEEL best?!

I started playing with this concept last year and have seen HUGE changes in the tasks that i do, when I launch a course, when I write a blog, when I create, and even when I say "no" to certain things because I know that I wont be showing up with the right kind of energy...

I invite you to check out the YouTube Video series I did on this topic and give it a try!

You may just find that you Find Your Flow...

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