A friendly reminder about the power of Gratitude

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Gratitude.  It's not a new concept and I'm definitely not the only one talking about it.  But if you are reading this, it's for a reason (as well as the reasons that I'm writing this)...

Gratitude has been a regular thing in my life, but recently, it has been a practice that has taken the back seat.  It's still there, but just kind of, well, less than it was. 

When THIS PODCAST EPISODE went live and I was listening to it, the list of 100 things you are grateful for stood out to me (hence why I'm writing this...I tend to teach what I am going through or what stands out to me because I believe if I am going through something, others are too).

It was a reminder to me to dial up my gratitude practice again.  Being in Gratitude raises our energy and vibration.  Imagine having a higher vibration and walking into any room, any sales meeting, writing, creating, playing with your kids, being with your spouse, taking a walk...whatever you are doing - coming from a space and a vibration of gratitude.  Other's can't help but be impacted by your energy and your presence.  (not sure about all this energy and vibration stuff?  Learn the science behind it HERE).

So this is a gentle reminder to make gratitude a part of your daily habits.  Whether it is journaling 3-5 things in the morning or before you go to bed, saying 2 things you are grateful for at the dinner table, setting a few reminders on your phone to think of something you are grateful for, writing down a list of 100 things you are grateful for...whatever it is, I encourage you to dial up your gratitude practice today!

I'll be doing this too, and together, we can raise the collective vibration...because we are all in this together <3

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