15 - Insights To Assist You In Living A Radically Authentic And Empowered Life With Sarah Grace Nesbitt

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You guys will LOVE Sarah...she is genuine, kind, and such a powerful force of light and love.  In this episode, we talk about how to tune into your body’s signals that you are on the right track and in alignment with your life’s purpose.  Her authenticity and realness, in the struggles that she faced and how she was able to find the gifts within the struggles, and how that shaped her coaching journey is BEAUTIFUL!  Open your heart, grab your favorite coffee mug, and have a listen!

Key Points in this Episode:  

-How to tune into your body and the signals that it gives you to move onto the next step of your purpose.

-How to tune into your “gut” to see if what you are doing is in alignment with your purpose.

-How gut health affects us at an energetic level

-The feelings of expansion vs. contraction in our body and how to listen to it.

- Creating a kinder and more compassionate relationship with herself and how she teaches others.

-Gifts in the journey of creation

-The attachment to the way we think things should look.

-Creation and living on a daily basis, even when “it” isn’t what you thought it should look like.

-How feelings can be fickle, but there is also power in our feelings.

-What to do with self doubt.

-The power of breathe work

-Learning to make friends with and console your inner child

Guest Bio:  

Sarah Grace Nesbitt is a Yoga Instructor, and an Empath Empowerment coach.  Her powerful story of journeying through infertility and endometriosis, she found transformative tools that helped her embrace her humanity instead of overcoming it.  She was able to let go of jealousy and embrace love and compassion. She was able to create programs that helped and nurtured others, even though she wasn’t able to conceive a child (at the time of this recording).  

**She is also proud to say that, after the recording of this episode, her and her husband were able to conceive and now have a healthy baby boy!**


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