16 - How to stop telling yourself the BS stories and actually BE, DO and HAVE anything that you dream with Zach Slobin

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You guuuyyyssss!  You are going to LOVE this episode!  Zach’s story, going on the entrepreneurial ups and downs - from being broke and living on his mom’s couch to building a million dollar empire and becoming financially free at 34 is INSPIRING to say the least.  He brings up powerful moments in life when we are forced to look at who we really are and what we truly want to do with our life. His courageous journey of getting injured as an almost pro-athlete and having to quit playing, recreating himself and his identity, starting and losing companies, quitting corporate, and finding his soulmate.

In this Episode We Talk About:

-What do you do when you find yourself asking the question of “who am I?”

-What happens when your dream blows up in your face.

-The search for “identity” and a bigger purpose.

-What do you do when “everyone else is right” when things in your life fall apart.

-How he discovered the Law of Attraction

-Perception vs. Reality

-Residual Income

-When trust is lost between family and friends

-Squeezing back into “the box”

-Trajectory of success.

-Which voice to listen to when all of the voices around you are saying different things.

-What to do with criticism

-Going or Growing through something

-The crossroads of life

-How to be intentional with who we surround yourself with

-The inspiration you need to get INTO ACTION

-Getting over the fear of rejection

-Stepping into what your soul is calling you to do…

-How to feel happy physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually...

Guest Bio:

 Zach Slobin is madly in love with his beautiful wife, Eden.  He is a natural philosopher and producer of his own life. He has an insatiable desire to knock and question the everyday rules and create his own life.  He navigated through entrepreneurial storms, his multiple rock-bottoms, and walked away from a corporate job because it was suffocating. He created financial freedom at the age of 34, and can show you how to play the master game of life and win.  His greatest thrill in life is to help people get rid of the BS that they tell themselves so that they can upgrade their life.


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