20 - How to be a children’s book author with award winning author, Kimberly Glyn Zweiger

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In this Episode We Talk About:  Kim shares the powerful story of the miracle of her son’s birth and how she was able to use the adventures of her son’s life to begin to write children’s books.

Her experience in writing children’s books was divine inspired and totally a God thing.  This unexpected “calling” for her to be an author wasn’t expected and definitely inconvenient, but she took the opportunity and ran with it!

Kim gets really detailed into the step by step process of what it takes to publish a children’s book, marketing the book, funding the campaigns, and getting out into the public.

She also so generously offered being a source for someone that has questions about writing a children’s book...she is happy to help!

Guest Bio:  Kimberly Glyn Zweiger, is first and foremost a Christian, wife, and mother, she is a full-time career woman, working as a Residential Mortgage Loan Officer on Team Mandi at Premier Mortgage Resources in Boise, Idaho (NMLS# 6910 Company NMLS#1169).  She and Greg have been married for almost 13 years and together they have two spunky and rambunctious boys, 7-year-old, Liam, and 4-year-old, Leo. Together as a family they love everything outdoors, including: camping, fishing, wakeboarding, and surfing.  She is also a daredevil and prides herself on never turning down a dare (within reason). In 2004 Kimberly appeared on "Fear Factor", see video here.

Kimberly says she was given a gift by God literally overnight when she was awakened at 3:00 am one night with the ability and desire to write children's books, she uses the pen name Kimberly Glyn.  Her first published book received 2nd place in the 2016 Idaho Author Awards and is titled “A Skunk Named Perfume”.  It is a cute story about a skunk that has been bullied and teased for his smell but comes to realize that he has a purpose and the stench he thought was a flaw is actually a God-given gift to be proud of.  Kimberly’s most recently published book “A Lamb Named Lucky”  received 1st place in the 2016 Idaho Author Awards and is about a lamb in a bad situation that, through her trials, finds a new friend along the way and realizes she is even more blessed than she is lucky.  The third book in this Sunnyside Series, “The Bunny and the Bully”, is expected to be released in the Spring of 2019


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