27 - YOU ARE ENOUGH - How to FREE Yourself from the Chains of Negative Body Image

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I LOVE this episode! I am pumped to share with you Jennifer Ludington's empowering story as a wife and a mother who's been striving towards fitness perfection, and how Jenn was able to find her light and find self worth. Jenn has been helping other women of any age become their healthiest selves and FREE them of the chains of negative body image.


Questions asked in this episode:


- How can you say "enough is enough" to someone who's about to hit rock bottom moment in their life?
- What advice can you give to someone who realized that they have given their power away to someone or something and how can they get it back?


Key Points in this episode:


- Jennifer's journey into fitness
- Jenn's AHA moment and turning point in her life
- The importance of asking help from someone and voice out your vulnerability
- Step by step process to loving yourself



Guest Bio:

Jennifer Ludington is the Owner and CEO at Fitlud, Inc. Founder of the exercise facility in Boise Idaho - A2O Fitness, owner of a Yoga Studio in Hailey Idaho called IdaYOGA and the Founder and CEO of a nutrition bar called A2O FitFUEL.

For the past 12 years Jenn have trained and coached primarily women, competed in fitness competitions at the national level, and written nutrition programs for women and men with all types of health, wellness and fitness goals. She helps empower and guide women through transparent, honest, and real life fitness and give the tools necessary to create attainable and sustainable goals and free ourselves of unhealthy expectations.



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