29 - Designing a Life that You Love and Breaking Through Entrepreneurial Hurdles with Megan McCann

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Whew! This episode has so many good nuggets in it, you guys are going to love it!  Megan McCann is so much fun to talk to and you guys, we talk about alllllll the things! Ha!  Megan shares her story about how she went from being broke to having a business that generated between $1-2 Million dollars, and is now in the next evolution of her purpose by co-creating and growing The Soul Success Summit (which I’m super excited and honored to speak at)!

Guest Bio:

After $100,000 in student loans, a masters degree, and getting laid off...

I found myself 27 years old & jobless once again.

Desperate to find a way to make income, I started working as a health coach in direct sales. Through mindset, meditation, personal development, and women empowered community, I worked harder on myself than I did in any of my day jobs. I grew spiritually, emotionally, physically, and became the best version of myself. I realized that being my own boss was the most stable career path because I could earn my worth.


After 2 years, I was able to fire my bosses (not a typo, I had more than one) and work for myself full time. Hell yeah! My sales grew to over $1 million a year and has done anywhere from $1-2 million a year every year since. After finally seeing how many lives could be changed by my coaching, I quickly found out that empowering women to achieve their business & lifestyle goals was my life purpose.

My business has allowed me to travel the world with my husband and two little girls. In traveling, I saw the benefit of yoga and began practicing extensively throughout Bali, Costa Rica, Southern California, and Idaho. The practice of daily yoga changed my life. After receiving my 200 hour RYT (registered yoga teacher) certification, I began to incorporate yoga and meditation into my business and BOOM, I had the complete package: Mindset, health, yoga, business strategy, and women's empowerment.

I now run my health and wellness business with studios and centers all over the west coast. I have combined my passion for empowering women, yoga, and travel into one complete package through my destination yoga retreats, business summit, women's empowerment groups, and transformation groups.

I work with moms who are excited to quit their jobs so they can build a home based business while being present a parent. I work with entrepreneurs who have hit a plateau and are excited to finally hit their income goals ($10k+ months!). I help women reignite the fire in their work through mindset, strategy, and execution.

Although I am pretty freakin' stoked on my business, my family comes first. I am married the rock star of my life, lead singer of High Mountain Heard, and Realtor in Sun Valley Idaho, Luc Mccann. I am also the mother of two sassy girls, Galena, and Mykala.


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