30 - Facebook Ad Trends And Marketing Strategy with Rachel Pedersen

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If you don’t love Rachel as much as I do after this episode, I don’t know what to tell ya! Ha! She is not only a mom boss who went from zero to a million in 2 years by creating her own marketing company, she is genuine, kind, and fun!


In this Episode We Talk About: how hard times in Rachel’s life allowed her to develop Grit and also taught her what she didn’t want in her life.


We talked about the strategy of “cross-pollination” or leveraging and linking arms with other people to cross-promote programs and how that can multiple instead of divide. (hint, it’s all about collaboration and the abundance mindset, NOT competition and lack).


Rachel shares some gold nuggets about why it’s important for entrepreneurs to get funnels and ads that convert NOW and get in on the Facebook Ad train before other major brands start to takeover.  She also shares some of her favorite strategies to reaching a cold audience, warm them up, and to get them to say YES to your thing!


Rachel also went viral, but you will have to check out her website to get the tips on that!

Guest Bio:

“The Queen of Social Media” - CEO and owner of her social media marketing agency The Viral Touch, Full-time Social Media Consultant and Strategist, Founder of Social Media United.


Rachel is a top social media marketer and consultant, worldwide viral sensation, leading authority on story-telling through social media and Facebook ads.


Rachel’s journey began in 2016 while working in her 9-5 (actually, it was an 8-5) day job. Within 6 months she replaced her income and built a clientele that she loved working with.


Rachel is also a mother to 3 beautiful children and wife to her supportive husband!



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