36 - DISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE, Create a Business You Love & Manifest the Luscious Life of Your Dreams with Founders of Luscious Hustle, Laura & Betsy Milne

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You guys are going to LOVE these two ladies...Betsy and Laura Milne (not related, by the way) are two powerful (and lucious) female entrepreneurs who have created a business they love so that it could support their dreams instead of the other way around!  


We talk about how the journey of being an entrepreneur can be a lonely one, especially when your current circle of family or friends doesn’t necessarily understand what your dream is.  We talked about how to surround yourself with other people that do support your dreams or speak your entrepreneurial language by INTENTIONALLY “getting into the room.” 


We talk about what it takes to “do things differently” than others - challenging the status quo to create and business and a life that you love vs. what everyone else is doing in the 9-5 employee world.  


We discussed the difference between the “employee mindset” and the “entrepreneurial mindset” as well as the journey/twists/turns/pivots/evolution that is in store as an entrepreneur.


Laura and Betsy discuss what it takes to get clear on your mission and how to stand in your truth...how to link arms with someone that believes in you more than you believe in yourself and how to take “bold and messy action.”


We also share resources on how to begin to make multiple streams of revenue (because hey, millionaires have, on average, 7 streams of revenue)!


I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did...and stay tuned for my interview on their podcast as well!


Created by Betsy Milne & Laura Milne, our mission is to empower women to turn their side hustles into a full-fledged business and sought-after brands. Through our signature course, Luscious Hustle Academy, and a high-touch Mastermind coaching program, we teach women how to monetize and manifest their dream business and luscious life.


Luscious Hustle Podcast is the podcast for soulful side hustlers. Each week we take our audience behind the scenes and into the everyday lives of successful entrepreneurs and business owners. Guests include thought leaders and influencers like: Amber Lilyestrom, Lauren Bongiorno, Natalie Walstein, Cassandra Bodzak.




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