37 - A Little Bit More: Building a Tribe that Supports You

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Today's 'A Little Bit More' episode is a little bit different than the other ones. Charity shares with us her wonderful experience from speaking at a graduation ceremony at Jefferson Middle School.

If you have someone in your tribe that supports you as well as someone you support with, this episode is for you! Charity talks about agreements that would equip the students as they graduate and face the new face of their journey as well as agreements for the community that surrounds the students.

So if you find that you are in transition or jumping into something new, this episode will not only equip you to your journey but to empower you towards understanding that a journey has an amazing up's and down that we can't do alone and we need tribe, and we need to be surrounded by others that can lift us up and draw the best of us.

This is meant for you. Those who support you. And those you support with. This episode will give you hope, inspiration and practical tools that will remind you that you are supported in every step of the journey. Because You Are Meant For More.



Disclaimer: The audio quality is not that great. It was recorded from a phone but it's audible. It was an outdoor recording from a graduation ceremony full of parents and students, but we hope to share the beautiful message with you. Enjoy!


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