44 - The Importance of Healing Ourselves to Create a Healthy Environment for our Children with Caitlyn Doerksen

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"Raising kids is hard. It is difficult, but it is such a blessing at the same time." -Caitlyn Doerksen

Society sees that raising kids is such a terrible mess, but Caitlyn will share with us how beautiful it is to have kids when you have the right attitude towards it.


Knowing how God designed parents to raise kids, will help us create an environment of peace at home. Caitlyn's experience with her husband - making a community-centered family come together, encourage each other, blessing each other, and talking about the hard things. Because truly, raising kids is hard.


This episode will allow us to open our minds and hearts. Taking us to the point of realization that as parents, allowing our kids to see what is in us brings intimacy to our relationship with them. Hearing her very own story will remind us how to make our homes become the safest place for our children.


Topics covered


  • What does society tell us about raising kids

  • How Caitlyn and her husband have changed this story

  • The need for freedom and power in the family relationship

  • Dealing with toddlers

  • Punishment VS. Discipline

  • How to gain respect from our kids

  • Home - the safest place for our children

  • Teaching kids how to navigate their emotions and express themselves


Guest Bio


Caitlyn Doerkson is a wife and a mother to two baby girls. Caitlyn and her husband have a ministry that empowers, inspires and equips families to raise their kids believing that they are meant for more knowing that God designed us to be more.









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