05 - How to take birthday money and turn it into a multi-million dollar real estate business with Christina Moore Ward

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This podcast episode is about having a small investment and using it, overtime, to create financial freedom.  Learn how to take pocket change and presents and use them to invest into your future, through real estate, with Christina Moore Ward.  She is one of the nation’s top real estate agents and gives amazing tips on how to successfully work towards being financially free.


We discuss mindset, drive, confidence, and have a lot of fun too!  Her bubbly personality and genuine spirit is sure to leave you smiling, and her genius real estate mind has a lot of wisdom to share!


Guest Bio:  Christina Moore Ward is a top level Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams.  Her and her husband are successful real estate investors. Her mission is to guide and educate her clients and their families with a servant’s heart, such that she can provide an exceptional experience to her clients, while giving back to our community.



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