06 - Learning to Set Boundaries in your Life with Boundaries Coach, Angie Shea

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Key Points in this Episode:

  • Why boundaries are important

  • How to set clear boundaries

  • What boundaries need to be set in our lives

  • How to treat others when boundaries are set

  • How to not be responsible for other people’s “junk”

  • How to teach others to set boundaries in their own lives


In this Episode We Talk About:  How Angie’s life story, how she found her authentic identity, after figuring out her “pretending” and unclear boundaries didn’t work anymore.  She shares insights about what really is our responsibility and what others are responsible for.

We discuss the element of control, how a lot of people try to control things and people around them, and what we can do to set boundaries to control our own lives, but letting go of the control we impose on others (or when others try and impose control on us).

How setting boundaries (and which ones) are important to set, with people, with partners, with teams, with business, with children, with ourselves, etc…  How we get our needs met and how to communicate and how to get what you need out of the relationship, while honoring who they are without expecting them to be something they’re not.

Guest Bio:  Angie is passionate about helping others set healthy Boundaries in their lives so that every area of their lives operate better. She uses her own experiences and lessons she has learned to bring health, hope and healing to the people she coaches, teaches and mentors.

She is also privileged to facilitate Mastermind groups through Women Ignite International. These groups help people who are serious about moving their lives and businesses forward by intentionally collaborating, brainstorming and being willing to look at what's not working and having the courage to do whatever they need to in order to make it different.

Her calling and career is centered around providing the absolute best Senior in home care and consulting available in the Treasure Valley.



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Swallowed Up: Loving Others without Losing Yourself by Angie Shea: https://amzn.to/2LmbPkO



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