41 - Letting go of limiting beliefs and knowing You ARE Enough with Rebekah Wheeler

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I truly hope you guys are inspired, just as much as I am with this episode.  So many times, we can go through life feeling like we don't have what it takes and we can let those limiting beliefs hold us back. 

Rebekah is a beautiful light and reminder to all of us that We ARE Enough!

Enjoy the episode!! 

In this episode we talk about: 

  • How Rebekah received a hurtful comment as a young girl, to battling an eating disorder, finding healing and believing she is enough.

  • Ways to start to know you are enough and that you DO have what it takes

  • Staying grounded mentally, physically and spiritually - being in alignment.

  • How helpful journaling and gratitude is, as well as the power of positive affirmations and the power of focus of our thoughts.


Guest Bio


Rebekah Wheeler loves rhinestones, recipes, healthy hacks, fitness, positive self-image, and all things girly. She grew up in a small town in the Texas Panhandle and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Speech Communications from Oklahoma State University in 2006. Rebekah is married to her handsome husband, Dustin and together, they have two young boys. She now works full time in the oil and gas industry as a Senior Division Order Analyst and Owner Relations Coordinator. A competitor in the Miss America Organization for many years, she hasn’t lost her love for pageantry and was crowned Mrs. Oklahoma 2015. She is competing for Mrs. Oklahoma International in March.


A recovering eating disorder survivor, she is passionate about healthy eating and fitness, promoting self-love and believing You Are Enough. She is a National Ambassador for ProjectHEAL, a mentor with ANAD, and has been a political advocate with the Eating Disorder Coalition and the National Eating Disorder Association. Rebekah is serving in her eighth year as an active member in the Oklahoma City Junior League and loves to run 5Ks in the community.


She loves brunch with friends, hot yoga, true-crime podcasts and spending quality time with her family.


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