42 - Rewriting Your Story with Recovery Coach, Tracey O’Malley

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“Every single piece of our life matters…. Even the hard parts, even the painful parts…”

These are the words of Tracey O’Malley as she talks about hurdling and recovering over the darkness of her past.

In this episode, Tracey talks about how she found her purpose from her painful experiences as well as the challenges she encountered that had not only gave her lessons to learn but also a direction to follow. 

Tracey O’Malley’s own story of recovery will inspire you to unlock our potential by rewriting your story instead of repeating it.. She shares with us how her willingness, openness, and honesty as she acknowledged her whole being, had brought her into what she is today.


In this episode we covered:


  • Taking ownership of our being even our mistakes

  • How to navigate your relationships based on your past stories

  • How to let go of your past

  • Finding our purpose from our failures

  • How your “new” of the world changes when you had kids

  • Taking action towards healing


Key Takeaways:


  • Learning how to show up in your family

  • Honoring the child lives in you

  • The belief system 0-10

  • Who you really fall in love within relationships

  • “.., to not be uprooted, nurture the roots”.

  • Allowing space for a miracle

  • “You can’t disown what you first don’t own

  • “True success and fulfillment come from your inner core, not from outer circumstances”.

  • Have it all AND Love it all


Guest Bio


Tracy is a world-renowned recovery coach helping women recover from addiction. She is a multi-million dollar entrepreneur, speaker, and author. Tracy has mentored over eighty thousand women in her career helping them to achieve six and seven-figure incomes. She has revolutionized the coaching industry with her work in recovery by healing generations of women and saving lives. She continues to motivate and inspire thousands as a keynote speaker and industry leader.










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